Trucker Sues over Amputated Penis

This story really made me laugh. Basically this trucker, Phillip Seaton, has decided to sue his surgeon, Dr. John Patterson, for “loss of service, love and affection” because during a circumcision to treat an inflammation problem led to the surgeon amputating his penis.

'Loss of service': Phillip Seaton and his wife Deborah were suing a doctor who removed part of his penis without permission during supposedly routine surgery

In one corner is Dr. Patterson who says that he amputated the man’s member after noticing a life-threatening cancer. In the other corner is Mr. Seaton who noticed that his manhood was missing and claimed that the good doctor had no right to perform the operation without his consent. The cancer in question is Penile Cancer, has caused 320 deaths in the US in 2011 and is very rare (National Cancer Institute).

It’s a testy situation. On the one hand, Seaton’s lawyer, Kevin George claims, “Phillip has changed. He was mutilated. His manhood was taken.” On the other hand, Dr. Patterson’s lawyer, Clay Robinson, says, “Mr Seaton is here today, able to be in this courtroom… because John Patterson saved his life.”

As of now, Mr. Seaton has successfully lost the suit of $16 million. He plans to appeal the decision, but whether the trucker can make a quick buck will remain to be seen.



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