The Newest PSP

Sony unveiled their new handheld device bent on rivaling the industry leading Nintendo DS. Christened the NGP (Next Generation Portable), Sony’s new PSP has a couple of new and relatively standard features when it comes to handheld devices. With dual cameras and both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, it sounds like what one would normally expect in any modern handheld device. however what is completely new with Sony’s NGP is the dual analog control. This makes it the only system on the market with this feature. The easter eggs don’t end there though. Sony has also added motion sensing and a rear touchpad for more unique actions.

However with the success of handheld gaming on the modern smartphone, it leads to speculation whether a separate gaming handheld console is redundant.  With the success of the Nintendo DS and the upcoming 3DS wherein Nintendo has planned to implement 3D technology without the need for cumbersome glasses, the success of either product is yet to be seen.



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  1. when is the next ipad coming out???

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