Nokia booklets? brochures?

HD display: 10.1-inch
Height: 2cm
Weight: ~1kg

Not that we haven’t seen our share of netbooks, but this one is from none of Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Lenovo… anything. Yes, Nokia has made a computer.

Not exactly, Nokia says.

The markets for mobile phones and mini laptops are opulent enough, but this time they’re not selling a cell phone or a laptop – they’re selling both at the same time. Quoting Kai Oistamo, Noka’s Executive VP for Devices, with the Nokia Booklet 3G, they are providing for us “the computer power of a PC with the full benefits of mobility”. Whether the product holds up to its introduction, we have no idea, but with both the cellular phone and PC markets quite played out, it makes sense to venture into new product categories.

Expect official announcements for release date, cost, and specs at Nokia World 09 on September 2.

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  1. I really wish that there were another GSM provider here in Canada. It will probably land on Rogers and cost 80 bucks a month for 5gb? The hot swappable sim card is awesome but useless in Canada :(. The 12 hour battery is really cool though.

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