HIV Cure is a Lie

So I’m you have all seen by now that the Germans have allegedly discovered a “cure” for HIV.


This is actually false. The media developed this inaccurate title to create an article title guaranteed to be read. In truth, there is no cure; at least not yet. What the physicians in Germany did was a very risky and lucky procedure. It was essentially a bone marrow transplant. HIV attacks T cells, which are made in the bone marrow. So the theory here is if the bone marrow in an HIV patient is replaced by the marrow of someone who is immune to HIV, the HIV patient will be cured.

This is the same as saying to someone who has a metastatic tumour that has spread to multiple organs that replacing the organs will cure them. A cure is something that can be administered to HIV patients that will rid the body in 100% of cases, not treatments with a 66% mortality rate. This so-called cure is really a lucky treatment albeit by highly trained surgeons. An example of a possible HIV cure is the drug which will be developed in the United States based on the research done by Dr. C. Yong Kang at the University of Western Ontario. This is using science to determine how HIV works, and how to stop it from working. Again I say possible cure, because like most drugs, this may fail, and it may prove only to be another form of treatment. His vaccine essentially “educates” white blood cells to recognize HIV cells and kill them.

So before the press comes up with a cure for cancer, heed these pithy words; read between the lines, and read the whole article. It is important to be critical to what you read.


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