Wiki on the Upgrade

What’s this? A wiki revamp? Well that’s good news.

Everyone is a wiki user. I don’t care how good of a researcher you think you are. I guarantee you check out wikipedia first.

So what’s with this new development you ask. Well, today the site has announced that they are planning to change the way users can modify information on the site. Basically if you want to edit pages about living people as well as certain organizations, your modifications have to be approved by wikipedia editors.

Why should we care? Well you see it obviously increases the amount of credibility the site has in terms of accurate portrayal of information, while still allowing the freedom of users to contribute. Not to mention it protects the site from vandalism. The reception for this plan has an overwhelming majority and a two month trial system is ready to start.

Is this new? Hardly. The German version of wiki has been doing this for over a year and the best part is, wikipedia won’t be locked down during the process. That’s right, while modifications are being made, and pages are being looked over, you can still see the original information.

So it looks like your favourite free encyclopaedia is about to get even better.

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