The App Update

For those of you like me with a ton of apps, it’s always nice to know which are good and which you shouldn’t bother with.

Now with the iphone 4 out, apps have a new level of resolution and crystal clarity in their appearance. These apps are ones you can’t leave home without.

1. Kayak Flight Status

This app is ideal for those of you who travel or have friends and family who travel. You can input the airline and flight number, or the departure and arrival airports and it will show you your  flight status, the departure gate, and while the plane is in the air it shows its location on the earth. It will also update its status tell you if the flight is on time, delayed (and by how much) and if it is cancelled. This is also the perfect travel companion for those who are paranoid about missing flights.

2. Docs To Go

This is the perfect app for all your document editing needs. With support for Word (including .docx), Powerpoint, Excel and .pdf files, it will be the last document viewer/editor you will ever need. There is also a desktop client which will allow you to sync documents between your computer and the phone through a wireless connection. In addition documents can also be transferred through a tethered connection via itunes.

3. VLC Player

Need I say more? The VLC app helps users bypass the annoyance of having to convert every video file to .mov or .mp4 in order to view them on the device. This slick app allows users to play most video formats out there aside from HD. The app also allows you to resume videos from where they left off and has screen rotation support. In addition users can delete videos straight off the device instead of going through itunes every time.

4. Dragon Dictation

This handy app transcribes spoken words into written ones. It’s great for quick memos and the accuracy is quite high. There is a built-in keyboard that allows users to change mistakes quickly and efficiently as well as the ability to view alternate suggestions for detected words. The files can be saved, emailed, sent via sms, and posted on Facebook and twitter.

5. TimmyME

For all of you who are craving Tim Hortons all the time (Sorry Americans), this is the app for you. It uses the iPhone GPS and immediately tells you the nearest Timmy’s to your present location. Not only that but It will show you it’s location on the built-in map and there is even a notepad where you can list the orders you have to take back to the office. The must have app for all Canadians is right here.

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