Where is the iPhone 4?

I am one of those countless Canadians who waited with excitement for Apple’s new smartphone.

I watched the demos and read the press releases. I however am also one of the countless Canadians who still cannot find one. The Canadian release date for the device was July 30 2010. Now, two weeks later, I am no closer to getting my hands on one. My cell phone provider is Rogers, and an almost permanent stamp on their website is the following:

The problem is that there is no way to buy the device online through Rogers directly. A potential buyer such as myself has to actually call a retailer or go to their location and see if there are any more in stock. This cat and mouse game quickly gets tiresome.

I understand Apple is increasing popularity through this limited supply gambit as well as getting free publicity, but after two weeks of hunting and failing, I am sure many people are getting annoyed. Obviously die hard Apple fans will wait eons if need be to buy this phone, but what about those consumers who are undecided about it. This long wait and inefficiency in Apple supply may turn down many potential customers.

For my part, I will continue waiting and continue looking forward to the Rogers Sales Representative tell me, “Sorry, we’re still out of stock.”

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