Windows 7: Today’s the Day

This is it. After almost three years of consumers being frustrated and developers getting infuriated, Windows has pulled through. Windows 7 is here.

Personally, I hate Vista. The visuals are nice and all, but the security is awful, the constant administrator checks are annoying, it destroys my RAM and it keeps switching back and forth from Vista Basic to Aero.

Yes, to many I am sure these are trivial issues, and no, I am no developer, but I do have enough computer knowledge and experience in programming to know when it’s time to chuck an operating system out the window…enjoy the pun.

Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about all that much longer. Thanks to all you angry average Joes, enraged geeks and outraged nerds, we can now delete our hard drives and cheer. Windows 7 is here.

The biggest goal of Windows 7 is to be better than Vista. Let’s just say it’s hard to be worse. But remember, the battle has just started. An ugly tumour permeates the computer world – the tumour that started the personal computer revolution. Yes, I am referring to the MAC!

It’s alright to be an Apple fanatic, or to use their hopelessly overpriced and industrially useless machines. Think of the following: “I’m four years old, and I’m a PC.” Maybe now that Windows looks “pretty,” Mac users will realize that whatever a Mac can do, a PC can do better. Not to mention for all fellow advocates of software piracy, Windows is the way to go.

Speaking of which, I do not plan to buy my copy of Windows 7. I support the OS, but not that much. Yes, I plan to get mine free. I also refuse to comment on how.

But now, all you students, professors,  actors, doctors, engineers, teachers, janitors, builders, executioners, con-men, criminals, lawyers, and even scumbag politicians (not you, Barack Obama), rejoice with me and embrace the revolution that is Windows 7.

And if all else fails, there’s always Linux.

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