Capture the Flag

I believe this to be an odd mix of social networking and… politics… nationalism… culture… or something that encompasses all three terms. Having been sick as of recent, coming upon this headline Facebook farmers want Indian flag, I naturally began to cough my lungs out in half amusement, half pain, and half alarm at the state the world has come to. I will work out the math later.

Link here:

Surprisingly, in the recent poll by the Reputation Institute, India seems to have very healthy national pride, ranking just after 5 other countries in a poll of 33. Add that to India’s British imperial colony history and low capital-labor ratio and high labor return resulting in popularizing the country’s labor force for North American outsourcing, I suppose it is not surprising that Facebook now demands India flags for a farming game.
So does random technology stories reflect cultural traditions and economic activity? I think that may be a rhetoric question, or is it?

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